Saturday, August 16, 2014

TeraMessage for integration of in-house paging and smartphone devices in Hospitals

Hospitals need to continue using in-house pagers. An in-house paging system in a Hospital (like those supplied by Canamex), uses a stand-alone paging transmitter to cover only the building, for medical staff who does not need to receive messages outside the Hospital, like nurses, first responders, code blue, etc.  

These personnel only need to receive an instruction, one way, and this is why messages to pagers continue to be the most practical and economical solution. However, other medical personnel, such as Doctors who already carry a smartphone, do not want to carry anymore a pager as a second device. Therefore, Doctors demand to receive Hospital messages on their mobile device.  TeraMessage is the solution.

Why?  Because TeraMessage INTEGRATES in-house paging and messages between staff with smartphones, in the same system.  For example, a message log contains all messages sent to in-house pagers and smartphones; nurses use computers to send messages to groups made of people with pagers and smartphones.   Hence, Canamex Communications offers a system that provides a solution to all the messaging requirements in the Hospital, including sending messages created by Nurse Call systems and alarms from medical equipment.

The additional advantage is that messages, to both in-house pagers and smartphones, are delivered within a few seconds.  In case of TeraMessages sent to smartphones, the sender automatically receives a notification when the recipient reads the message.

Check our solutions for private, secure messaging in Hospitals and learn how you can integrate your existing in-house pagers and smartphones and tablets, in the same TeraMessage Hospital solution.

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