Friday, October 30, 2015

The TeraMessage Private Service 
for Emergency Response


For one reason or another, the PUBLIC paging companies’ reliability and coverage in certain areas have tremendously decreased, forcing regional Emergency Services to SERIOUSLY look for other alternatives.

Emergency Services are now looking for a reliable, “smart” way to promptly deliver emergency messages. The most immediate option is the use of Smartphones, since we all are using them to send and receive personal text messages. The cellular data and messaging infrastructure is already in place. People already carry their own smartphone, which can be used to receive personal and mission critical messages identified by different ringtones.

Today, there are millions of cellular phone users generating huge revenues for carriers like Verizon, AT&T, ROGERS, etc.  Carriers compete in service price and in network reliability.  They offer packages that include data plans to access the Internet using the smartphone. In order to maintain the highest possible network reliability, carriers spend millions of Dollars in maintaining their cellular towers, implementing backup and redundant equipment. The data channels of the cellular networks are very reliable today.


Today, there are many PUBLIC hosting services using the data channel of the cellular network offering to deliver text messages to smartphones.

Knowing that prompt delivery of SMS messages and email is not guaranteed, Emergency Services are tempted to try PUBLIC hosting services such as WhatsApp, Blackberry, Tigertext, and many others. These PUBLIC hosted services are attractive because some are free and others have low fees. However, their app is made for the public to send and receive non-critical messages and to “have fun with friends”. Emergency Services must consider the following critical issues if using PUBLIC hosted services:

Your critical messages are stored in their servers and anyone can read them. You cannot delete them or retrieve them. You do not have access to a Log if you want to check who sent messages to whom, the text of the messages and when they were read. Message delivery time depends on their PUBLIC messaging traffic, which could be messages to thousands of other users. Their app may secretly collect the user’s geolocation because the cellular phone number was entered when subscribing. 


The TeraMessage PRIVATE Service is NOT a hosted service. TeraMessage becomes your PRIVATE messaging service, only for your operations. You have complete custody of all your messages. Messages travel encrypted on the Internet and on Wi-Fi networks using AES-256 and TLS1.2. There is no need to program the user’s cellular phone number or the email address. You control who belongs to your TeraMessage PRIVATE Service. You control who can send messages to whom. The Log can be accessed at any time. The Log provides a PRIVATE detailed message record with the date and time of transmission, reception and when the message was actually read. The sender automatically receives a notification when the recipient reads the message. Operators can send and receive messages on their computer by using a browser. The TeraMessage app works on Android and Apple devices. Optionally, you can send pictures, documents, voice files and videos, which also travel under encryption. 


The TeraMessage app has been specially designed for PRIVATE corporate communication using our 25 years of experience in delivering messaging products and solutions. The TeraMessage PRIVATE Service is in use by Government entities and Hospitals. 

I believe 100% in TeraMessage’s reliability because I have been using the TeraMessage app on my smartphone for many years. The TeraMessage app tells me when I am out of cellular range; if my phone switched from cellular to Wi-Fi or vice-versa; if I have messages pending to be read; if I want to be alerted of new messages when the phone is in mute, and many other powerful security features. The TeraMessage app is one of the most powerful reasons to use the TeraMessage PRIVATE Service for emergency and critical messaging.

The TeraMessage PRIVATE Service uses the LTE/GSM/HSPA data channels available to the TeraMessage app on the user’s phone. TeraMessage sends and receives information when the phone is on Wi-Fi or on the cellular network. It is an impressive communications tool that you can fully trust to send and receive critical messages.

I truly believe that the TeraMessage PRIVATE Service is the future of emergency messaging communication. For more information, click here

We offer a free trial of the TeraMessage PRIVATE Service where you can test reliability and effectiveness with a number of people in your organization. Contact us at or call us at 905-475-5557 or toll free at 1-800-387-4237. We will be pleased to talk to you and your team about how we can comply with your immediate requirements.

Jorge D. Fernandez
Canamex Communications has been developing and manufacturing paging products since 1989. Hospitals continue to use the QUIKPAGER keyboard product line for in-house paging.  Paging encoders and transmitters from 5 Watts to 250 Watts are available.  The development of the TeraMessage PRIVATE Service began in 2009 with the first app that encrypted messages.  A patent for the unique TeraMessage protocol was recently granted. Canamex continues with the development of new and exciting technologies related to secure wireless communication. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Putting Cyber Security First

Reallocating institutional priority
Of the many fundamental priorities a corporation or institution has, cyber security is one that requires close attention, more specifically, the cyber security of wireless messages. Often times, these messages contain high profile information that, if in the wrong hands, can put the security of your establishment at stake. Although SMS and email may appear safe, nowadays, the ability to hack those channels has become rather elementary. What to do?

TeraMessage is the solution
The implementation of your own, private network is the only solution. Not a private network set up by a hosting service, but a secure system whose ownership is maintained by the company, itself. Such a technology exists in TeraMessage, the multiplatform, encryption-based, system that protects vital information from falling into the wrong hands. For organizations that correspond delicate data daily – political parties, municipalities, government, tech companies – it is the answer to problems concerning message security.

TeraMessage is available from CANAMEX Communications Corporation, the telecommunication firm that has been providing innovative solutions to the industry for over 35 years. We urge you to implement the advanced TeraMessage network as soon as possible, so your team can get back to doing what it does best – contributing to society. Visit our website or call (800)-387-4237 for more information!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Industrial PageAlert
Solve Alarm Notification Problems in Factories that have
High Production Noise

How are critical messages delivered?
Staff with noise protection, such as earplugs and headsets, carries a pocket, wireless text receiver that will strongly vibrate to announce receiving a message.  
Up to 16 messages can be stored to be used as a list of tasks.

Deliver intelligent alarms within seconds
Industrial PageAlert will deliver, within seconds, automated intelligent text alarms generated by your existing Production Control System or triggered by PLCs relays. Staff will quickly know the nature of the problem allowing them to respond faster.

Find people quickly
Loudspeaker paging does not work in a high-noise environment where people use earplugs and protective headsets. With Industrial PageAlert, authorized staff can log in from any network computer by using a browser to send text messages to one or groups of people.  Staff can also call for assistance by simply pressing a button near their work location, without disrupting production.

Increase productivity
Productivity will increase because staff can quickly react to critical messages.  In manufacturing, a faster response to unexpected events is very important in order to maintain production flow. 

Respond faster to accidents
By pressing a designated button located in strategic areas, staff can trigger specific messages for instant transmission to first responders. 

Contact us
Visit our website at or call (800)-387-4237 for more information!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An Internal Part of a Corporation Structure

Protect your wireless messages

It’s no secret that the rising threat of cyber-attacks towards corporations is growing. Because of this, companies around the globe are taking measures to protect their sensitive information. TeraMessage protects your wireless business messages sent between computers and smartphones.

TeraMessage Private Messaging Service

TeraMessage allows corporations to exchange confidential, inter-organizational messages from official to official, computer to computer, smartphone to smartphone – and any other possible combination.
Our technology encrypts sensitive content over already existing telecommunication infrastructures – public systems, internet, cellular networks, and private systems. No SMS, no email, no hosted service - your own independent, wireless communication grid.

Canamex Communications

We, at Canamex, understand the importance of corporate cyber security. That’s why we provide our TeraMessage service, built to foster the safe exchange of delicate information, as an innovative solution for leading companies.

Visit our website or call (800)-387-4237 for more information!

Monday, January 05, 2015

TeraMessage and Corporations

Advantages of the TeraMessage PRIVATE Service

TeraMessage is a private Corporate service designed to greatly optimize wireless messaging. Making it faster, easier, and secure, TeraMessage has become the preferred choice for Corporate wireless text communication between mobile and computer users. Here are a few of its advantages:


TeraMessages are delivered in seconds. A TeraMessage is invulnerable to distance and Internet traffic. Critical text message information gets to the right people, in an instant.

Read Acknowledgment

A person using a smartphone or a computer to send a TeraMessage, automatically receives a notification the moment that the recipient reads the TeraMessage.  


The Corporation decides who belongs to their private TeraMessage service, as well as who can send messages to whom. The wireless mobile messages are PRIVATE, meaning that they do NOT belong to public hosting servers, anymore! 


The threat of hackers or service technicians stealing your critical wireless messages for personal gain is long gone. Now that you control your messages, feel free to shred them as you go along. 

We, at Canamex Communications, understand the importance of private message security for Corporations. That is why we provide high-quality TeraMessage solutions that allow for total custody and top protection of all digital messaging and attachments sent between mobile and computer users.

Click here to view a short brochure.

Visit our website or call (800)-387-4237 for more information!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

TeraMessage for integration of in-house paging and smartphone devices in Hospitals

Hospitals need to continue using in-house pagers. An in-house paging system in a Hospital (like those supplied by Canamex), uses a stand-alone paging transmitter to cover only the building, for medical staff who does not need to receive messages outside the Hospital, like nurses, first responders, code blue, etc.  

These personnel only need to receive an instruction, one way, and this is why messages to pagers continue to be the most practical and economical solution. However, other medical personnel, such as Doctors who already carry a smartphone, do not want to carry anymore a pager as a second device. Therefore, Doctors demand to receive Hospital messages on their mobile device.  TeraMessage is the solution.

Why?  Because TeraMessage INTEGRATES in-house paging and messages between staff with smartphones, in the same system.  For example, a message log contains all messages sent to in-house pagers and smartphones; nurses use computers to send messages to groups made of people with pagers and smartphones.   Hence, Canamex Communications offers a system that provides a solution to all the messaging requirements in the Hospital, including sending messages created by Nurse Call systems and alarms from medical equipment.

The additional advantage is that messages, to both in-house pagers and smartphones, are delivered within a few seconds.  In case of TeraMessages sent to smartphones, the sender automatically receives a notification when the recipient reads the message.

Check our solutions for private, secure messaging in Hospitals and learn how you can integrate your existing in-house pagers and smartphones and tablets, in the same TeraMessage Hospital solution.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Alarm Monitoring in Factories; Why just being “reactive” is costing you money

Factories and industrial plants, of all shapes and sizes, share a common problem:  One way or another, eventually, they will experience delays in production due to machine errors or failures. Unexpected events can be both costly and potentially dangerous.

When machines fail or emergencies occur, alarms or bells sound, lights flash, etc., production stops and the event waits for human response.

However, loud speakers, strobes and horns are not nearly effective enough for a couple of reasons. First, they further contribute to already - high-noise environments, causing distraction to non-related workers. Secondly, they don’t communicate clear instructions or details about who needs assistance, where the trouble is, which workers are required to respond, or what to do about it.

For most facilities, alarm monitoring systems are put in place to notify a human operator when trouble occurs. Production alarm monitoring applications can generate hundreds of alarms per minute, which are displayed on a fast-scrolling screen, probably categorized by colors representing the urgency of each alarm.

When trouble occurs, staff depend on the alarm monitoring operator to react quickly, and inform them of how to respond. Unfortunately, machine failures often cause a cascade of delays, generating even more alarms for the operator to sift through, further delaying his response time, and causing confusion.

As a result, alarm monitoring operators can become overwhelmed, and other vital alarms can get ignored or missed, causing additional production delays, lost money and increased danger.

Canamex Communications recommends a pro-active approach to alarm response. By including automatic intelligent critical messaging notification, as part of your alarm response action plan, you take the pressure off the alarm monitoring operator, and effectively control alarm response.

Automated response is quick, efficient, effective, and affordable! Filter incoming alarms based on text content, and deliver detailed instructions to specific individuals or groups of people, within seconds, automatically. Preventative alarms can be sent directly to maintenance crews, without any human intervention.

By responding to preventative alarms, before they become critical, factories can increase efficiency and decrease down time – saving time, money, and making the workplace a safer environment for staff.

Check out our solutions for factories and industrial plants, and learn how you can be pro-active, and respond faster to alarms in your facility!