Monday, January 05, 2015

TeraMessage and Corporations

Advantages of the TeraMessage PRIVATE Service

TeraMessage is a private Corporate service designed to greatly optimize wireless messaging. Making it faster, easier, and secure, TeraMessage has become the preferred choice for Corporate wireless text communication between mobile and computer users. Here are a few of its advantages:


TeraMessages are delivered in seconds. A TeraMessage is invulnerable to distance and Internet traffic. Critical text message information gets to the right people, in an instant.

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A person using a smartphone or a computer to send a TeraMessage, automatically receives a notification the moment that the recipient reads the TeraMessage.  


The Corporation decides who belongs to their private TeraMessage service, as well as who can send messages to whom. The wireless mobile messages are PRIVATE, meaning that they do NOT belong to public hosting servers, anymore! 


The threat of hackers or service technicians stealing your critical wireless messages for personal gain is long gone. Now that you control your messages, feel free to shred them as you go along. 

We, at Canamex Communications, understand the importance of private message security for Corporations. That is why we provide high-quality TeraMessage solutions that allow for total custody and top protection of all digital messaging and attachments sent between mobile and computer users.

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