Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An Internal Part of a Corporation Structure

Protect your wireless messages

It’s no secret that the rising threat of cyber-attacks towards corporations is growing. Because of this, companies around the globe are taking measures to protect their sensitive information. TeraMessage protects your wireless business messages sent between computers and smartphones.

TeraMessage Private Messaging Service

TeraMessage allows corporations to exchange confidential, inter-organizational messages from official to official, computer to computer, smartphone to smartphone – and any other possible combination.
Our technology encrypts sensitive content over already existing telecommunication infrastructures – public systems, internet, cellular networks, and private systems. No SMS, no email, no hosted service - your own independent, wireless communication grid.

Canamex Communications

We, at Canamex, understand the importance of corporate cyber security. That’s why we provide our TeraMessage service, built to foster the safe exchange of delicate information, as an innovative solution for leading companies.

Visit our website or call (800)-387-4237 for more information!

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