Monday, April 13, 2015

Industrial PageAlert
Solve Alarm Notification Problems in Factories that have
High Production Noise

How are critical messages delivered?
Staff with noise protection, such as earplugs and headsets, carries a pocket, wireless text receiver that will strongly vibrate to announce receiving a message.  
Up to 16 messages can be stored to be used as a list of tasks.

Deliver intelligent alarms within seconds
Industrial PageAlert will deliver, within seconds, automated intelligent text alarms generated by your existing Production Control System or triggered by PLCs relays. Staff will quickly know the nature of the problem allowing them to respond faster.

Find people quickly
Loudspeaker paging does not work in a high-noise environment where people use earplugs and protective headsets. With Industrial PageAlert, authorized staff can log in from any network computer by using a browser to send text messages to one or groups of people.  Staff can also call for assistance by simply pressing a button near their work location, without disrupting production.

Increase productivity
Productivity will increase because staff can quickly react to critical messages.  In manufacturing, a faster response to unexpected events is very important in order to maintain production flow. 

Respond faster to accidents
By pressing a designated button located in strategic areas, staff can trigger specific messages for instant transmission to first responders. 

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